About Chuly


Chuly Lee specialises predominantly in ceramics and porcelain jewellery. He was born in Seoul, Korea. After gained a bachelors in ceramics at Kookmin University he moved to London, England and studied design at Goldsmiths for his masters. Starting his design world from 2003 with a curious thought of what ‘aesthetic value in depth’ is, he has continuously researched on his interest in uncontrollability of forms in natural objects and papers by resurrecting and transforming things from the dead to live ceramics.





About Chuly Lee’s work


The chief influence of Chuly Lee’s work is the revitalisation of something people do not pay attention. He collects the worthless objects such as dried sprigs, dead-wildflowers, -verbenas, -raspberries and discarded tabloids from provinces in England, then resurrects it into porcelain. The porcelain pieces that become a valued object highlight uncontrollability and plasticity of ceramics that can shape in an infinite number of unique forms by burning off the natural medium after spraying clay on them. Each piece has a delicate look, but in fact, has enough strength of porcelain and precious metals.

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